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Tom Williams

CEO, Enebio Ltd

Tom Williams is the Vice Chair of British Water's International Forum, Vice Chair of the UK IWA committee and runs British Waters Real Time Monitoring Network.
Tom brings a wealth of water experience from the USA, European and Asian markets and has been in the water sector since the 90's. An International Water Quality Specialist, Chemical Engineer and Biotechnologist, since 2011 he has run his own technical consulting firm based on implementing new water technologies based on improving water quality. Tom has been engaged with the US Partnership for Safe Water and has worked with drinking water utilities in over 30 states of the USA, the US Navy and Air Force. He has also worked on Wastewater systems for Multistate Power Utilities, Mining Companies and Research bodies. Presented several times to the EPA at Federal Circle Washington DC about technologies for compliance with the WOTUS (Water of the US) regulations. He currently works with EU, UK and Global Water Utilities on their drinking water and wastewater quality focused on real time microbial activity sensing.