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Lila Thompson

CEO, British Water

Lila is the Chief Executive of British Water, a dynamic trade association with a varied membership of companies covering all sectors of the water and wastewater industry. This includes manufacturers and suppliers of technologies and services to multi-disciplinary contractors and consultants and water companies.

British Water works to bring a coherent voice on behalf of the industry and ensure its members have access to information and contacts that they need to enhance their business development and best practices.

Lila was formerly responsible for the delivery of British Water’s international services which included leading scoping and business development visits to a wide range of markets including Saudi Arabia, Libya, Morocco, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, China and India to help companies grow their business overseas.

Lila has a BSc (Hons) from Birkbeck, University of London in Economics & Social Policy and a Diploma in International Trade. Lila has over 20 years of international experience supporting business growth, policy development and stakeholder engagement in a variety of industry sectors.