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Ashley Goodall

Marketing Consultant, Iraq Britain Business Council

Ashley Goodall is an experienced Marketing Consultant to charitable, business, cultural and financial brands.

Ashley currently works as a Consultant for Iraq Britain Business Council, Crossborder capital and the AMAR Foundation in London and a Chinese creative investment fund. His work includes connecting organisations with audiences, traditional press and media communications, events and digital and government affairs.

As MD of Saatchi & Saatchi Design, Ashley ran large branding projects for clients such as Barclays Capital, Raifeissen bank, The Post office, A1 telecom Austria, Head and Shoulders and T Mobile and originally devised and created the ‘Oxford Thinking’ campaign for Oxford University fundraising launch in 2008. As head of Business Development and Marketing at Fitch (WPP) he also developed an international range of clients in retail, branding and communications. Originally a marketing graduate at EMI records, Ashley signed diverse acts as Iron Maiden, Talk Talk and Curiosity Killed the Cat, before moving onto creative marketing recruitment and a directorship at Pricejamieson in the 90’s.

Ashley was a previously Chairman of OCDA, (Oxford Cooperative Development Agency) concerned with credit unions and training. He was a founder member of Comic Relief, worked with Band Aid, is a trustee of the Keats Foundation and was a mentor at Ultd. Ashley regularly arranges global economic talks in Parliament with speakers including Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Lord Green, Kevin Rudd, the IEA, Shanker Singham and Blockchain pioneers.