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Partnership with India: how our newest member built the Industry Forum’s new website

When support for the old purple and white Industry Forum website was suddenly withdrawn in July this year, the Forum was faced with a problem often faced by non-technology companies: how to manage an urgent project based on new and unfamiliar technology. Fortunately, help was at hand from the Forum’s newest member, Acuvate Software, a

Staying or leaving the EU: do the arguments stand up?

With a new vote on EU membership now inevitable and with so much hanging on the outcome, the Industry Forum is pushing hard to discuss and understand the issues. On 8th September, Alan Johnson MP, the head of Labour’s pro-EU campaign, led a great Industry Forum discussion on ‘Why we should say ‘Yes’ to Europe.

Is Europe losing the Internet race?

Some implications for the European Union of the 2015 Mary Meeker report on Internet trends – A report by Cameron Thompson at the Global Policy Institute Download your copy here: Is Europe losing the Internet race

The challenges facing legacy banks

In September 2015 the Industry Forum organised a lively panel discussion, hosted by techUK, on the challenges faced by legacy banks. The speakers were: Keith Saxton, Chair of the techUK Financial Services Council, Josh Ryan-Collins, Associate Director, Economy and Finance, New Economics Foundation and Travers Clarke-Walker, Chief Marketing Officer – International Group, Fiserv. Download your copy of the presentation


Man-Made: Why so few women are in positions of power by Eva Tutchell and John Edmonds A summary, by the authors of their recently published book which shows that, despite years of apparent progress, real power in business and politics is still predominantly in the hands of men. Download a copy of Man-Made Summary

Economic prospects for the UK

In June 2015 Andrew Smith, formerly Chief Economist at KPMG, gave a detailed analysis of the overall economic landscape and how things could play out for the UK. Download a copy of the slides here: Economic Prospects for the UK – 15 June 2015