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First, get their attention

In this provocative article, David Rowe argues that although Brexit will clearly lead to short-term economic turmoil driven by political uncertainty, it just might improve the sustainability of the European Union. David is an American academic and risk advisory specialist with extensive private sector experience. http://www.dmrra.com Download a copy of First, get their attention  

We have seen the future and it doesn’t work

Brendan Donnelly, Director of the Federal Trust, gives his views on the consequences of unleashing the BREXIT tiger. Download a copy of We have seen the future and it doesn’t work

Why governments won’t invest

Sir Vince Cable, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills and President of the Board of Trade from 2010 to 2015, outlines his views on why governments are reluctant to invest even when there are strong reasons for doing so. Download a copy of Why governments won’t invest

Andrew Smith’s answers to FT economics questions for 2016

Economist Andrew Smith gives his views on the economic outlook for 2016 in a recent Financial Times article. Download a copy of Andrew’s responses FT questions Dec 15

Economics update

A packed meeting at the National Liberal Club heard economist, Andrew Smith, give a wide-ranging economics update. The brief was to provide some ideas about the economic prospects for the UK and EU at the start of a year in which a possible UK EU referendum, the slowdown in China and the plummeting price of

The EU provides often-overlooked economic benefits for the UK

By Viara Bojkova, Head of Geo-Economics Programme & Senior Research Fellow at the Global Policy Institute. The big campaigns for the UK to stay in or leave the EU paint pictures of alternative futures with a large brush. ‘We must have the enormous market and the regulatory protection afforded by a bloc of 500m affluent citizens’.