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“Hard Brexit”, International Trade and the WTO Scenario

A new report by Dr. Andrew Black of the Global Policy Institute looks at the possible consequences of a hard Brexit, following the failure of Article 50 negotiations between Great Britain and the European Union. Through his detailed analysis, Dr. Black has attempted to fill the gap in economic forecasting which Brexit Secretary David Davis

Why WTO rules are not a viable alternative and could wreck the economy

A Brexit “no deal” and WTO rules would wreck the economy, writes IF Economist Andrew Smith. Countries normally seek trade arrangements which promote successful businesses, but the government is apparently seriously contemplating the opposite – a change in the terms of trade which will threaten the UK’s most important sectors. Open a copy of No,

Economic prospects briefing 2017 – increasing risks and uncertainties

At the annual Industry Forum economic prospects briefing for 2017, Andrew Smith outlined the increasing risks and uncertainties arising from Brexit, the policies of the new Trump-led US administration, and the widespread political appetite for a return to protectionism. Andrew is the Chief Economic Adviser to the Industry Forum and he made his presentation to

Rethinking the Treasury

During 2016, Industry Forum Chair, Rod Dowler, assisted Lord Kerslake’s independent review of the Treasury to consider how it should work to promote and manage more sustainable growth in a fairer and more equal society. Click here to open Rethinking the Treasury

Trump’s New World Order: Brexit and Europe in a World Turned Upside Down

In this wide-ranging analysis of the implications of the election of Donald Trump and the UK vote for Brexit, Professor Stephen Haseler raises many disturbing questions about the shifting priorities and alignments of major world powers and the risks faced by the UK. Click here to open Trump’s New World Order: Brexit and Europe in a

Difficult Questions yield some concensus

The joint Federal Trust/Global Policy Institute/Industry Forum project to tackle the difficult questions raised by Brexit did produce some significant survey consensus about what Brexit should provide. Sadly, in the time between the survey and March 2017 it has become clear that, as the Rolling Stones would say ‘You don’t always get what you want’.