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Partnership with India: how our newest member built the Industry Forum’s new website


When support for the old purple and white Industry Forum website was suddenly withdrawn in July this year, the Forum was faced with a problem often faced by non-technology companies: how to manage an urgent project based on new and unfamiliar technology.

Fortunately, help was at hand from the Forum’s newest member, Acuvate Software, a global information technology services provider founded in 2006, headquartered in Hyderabad, India and with presence in USA, UK & Netherlands.

Acuvate CEO, Sandeep Goel, had previously worked with Industry Forum Chair, Rod Dowler on a software project in the .com boom of 2000. Rod contacted Sandeep for advice and he replied ‘Anil Kakaria (head of sales and operations for Acuvate in Europe) will take care of your new website’.

Jagan Jami (Head of Acuvate presales and delivery, Europe), quickly assimilated the requirements of the Forum and then a small team in Hyderabad took over the interactive design and build process, working with Forum Director, Jo Wyer, to develop the fresh new look of our new website

Although a tiny project, this story highlights how trade with India can be expanded further by a continued focus on software technology at which many Indian companies excel. Acuvate will work with us as we continue to focus the Forum increasingly on technology companies that are the key to expanding the growth and competitiveness of the UK economy. Further information about Acuvate can be found at