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Leading Indian procurement platform comes to the UK


Moglix, a leading Indian procurement platform company, is at the forefront of the global battle to get internationally sourced supplies to front line health and care workers fighting Covid 19. The company has recently started operations in the UK and has become the latest company to join the Industry Forum.

The tsunami of demand for medical supplies unleashed by the pandemic threatens long established supply sources and channels that are now struggling to cope. The world has sufficient manufacturing capacity and capability to rise to this challenge, provided that people and logistics systems can adapt quickly. Existing suppliers need to be connected to new customers and new market entrants need to be connected to customers whose needs have outgrown their usual suppliers.

Rahul Garg, the founder of Moglix, recently took time out to discuss with Rod Dowler key questions about using the Moglix platform to procure PPE supplies to to combat Covid 19

Q1: Rahul, how does a UK company such as a care home with urgent needs for PPE supplies contact a company like Moglix.

A: Any company urgently needing quality PPE supplies can reach out through our website : or by sending us an email on We can provide PPEs such as masks, gloves, goggles, coveralls, face shield, etc. across the UK.

Q2: There have been press stories about testing kits delivered from Asia not working. How can this be avoided?

A: These are challenging times and spurious supplies are coming on to the market. However, it is not advisable to consider all supplies from Asian countries to be defective. The best way to avoid this is to work with a credible platform who can directly source from the brands, verify that they have the right quality checks and safety procedures in place to ensure that only certified PPEs are supplied. Moglix has shipped over 2 million PPE items across the UK and Europe in the past 2 months.

Q3: In the current competitive market, is it possible to make sure that prices charged are the best available?

A: Well we are seeing that the prices are dynamic. As the supply chains are disrupted, manufacturers and suppliers are trying to align alternate logistics for the deliveries. Given this situation most people are focusing on availability and quality rather than price. We have also seen that the established brands and marketplaces are charging fair prices to ensure demand and supply are matched. These are unprecedented times and normal market dynamics are disrupted. Usually Moglix is able to provide the most competitive price in the market since we have category experts in our team and access to a global supply chain network.

More about Moglix can be found at Enquiries for UK deliveries and UK sourced supplies can be sent to