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Reforming the Civil Service for the 21st Century

Numerous problems in recent decades show that the management of the Civil Service does not reliably match the needs of the country in a fast-changing world. The Covid Inquiry provided examples of governance and accountability failures during a crisis. Such a disconnect is serious for the effective management the country and led, in 2022, to

Key issues for UK road transport

The climate crisis, the pandemic, the economic crisis, and new technologies are all transforming requirements for UK public and private transport. Furthermore, the cancellation of the Manchester leg of HS2 and underfunding of road maintenance have made road transport a central issue for UK business, and society as a whole. There is an urgent need

Policy priorities for the water sector

Climate change is having a profound impact on the water sector. It is raising costs and causing wider concerns for businesses and householders alike. Water supplies, flood planning and water pollution are all examples of matters that require long-term planning and investment. Ruth Jones MP, Shadow Minister for Environmental Protection will lead a roundtable to

Improving government performance in procurement and value for money

The government, and particularly the Treasury, prioritises budgetary control but too often, once initial contracts have been awarded, costs escalate without adequate cost or quality control. One cause may be that civil service cuts have left departments without the skills and experience needed to deal with private sector suppliers. Whatever the cause, however, it is

Managing the business of the House of Commons

The Leader of the House of Commons has the vital role of scheduling the work of the House in order that as much as possible of the government’s legislative agenda is delivered intact. In 2024, the last session of the current parliament, the Leader will be managing the progress of the 2023 King’s speech which