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The future direction of Labour policies

With intense interest from business in the industrial and economic policies of the Labour party already apparent, the Industry Forum kicked off 2023 with a broad look at the ‘Future direction of Labour Policies,’ covering social, health, industrial relations policies, the treatment of women and minorities, and our relationship with the EU. Anneliese Dodds MP,

Boosting UK international trade

UK international trade is suffering badly from Brexit, the pandemic, the Ukraine/Russia war, supply chain problems and inflation. So, the Industry Forum invited Shadow International Trade Secretary, Nick Thomas-Symonds to lead a roundtable on ‘Boosting UK international trade’. The meeting was in the City offices of @Workday the fast-growing, US enterprise software company. @James Johns,

What is the UK role in the Asia-Pacific region?

Much is happening in the Asia-Pacific region upon which, the UK government is increasingly focused for new diplomatic and trade opportunities. This may mean new trade deals, a more complex relationship with China, new defence alliances like AUKUS, and strengthening relationships with the administrations in Australia and New Zealand. It is not, however, clear what

Can physics supercharge the UK economy?

The answer to the question ’Can physics supercharge the UK economy?’ discussed this week at an Industry Forum roundtable hosted by the Institute of Physics, was always a foregone conclusion. But physicists, also like to know how theory will be turned into practice. So the ideal person to lead the discussion was Chi Onwurah MP,

Prospects and pitfalls for green hydrogen

Only one element has the potential to liberate the world from global warming and the grip of the petrostates – green hydrogen. To achieve this, however, big technical, policy and investment hurdles need to be overcome. So, yesterday the Industry Forum launched the first of a series of meetings on this subject with an expert

Valuing and sustaining the NHS

Leading from the front is what is needed in a pandemic, and this is the speciality of career A&E doctor and politician, Dr Rosena Allin-Khan MP, Shadow Cabinet Minister for Mental Health. In June, she led the first ever Industry Forum expert round table on the key issue of ‘Valuing and sustaining the NHS’, which