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The urgent challenge of UK Digital Inequality

A What-IF? policy workshop,
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Online workshop

After a decade in which the dark side of big tech came sharply into focus, the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically demonstrated positive and empowering aspects of digital technology. It is not an exaggeration to say that education, the world of work, and healthcare are being transformed. It has also shown that some people and businesses are badly hampered by inadequate UK digital services availability and personal connectivity. The effect of digital inequality has thus been magnified by the pandemic. This workshop will look at the broad framework of UK digital inequality and outline how this impacts education, work, and health care. It will discuss broadly how these issues could be addressed, how to prioritise what needs to be done, and the benefits of doing so. The workshop will be restricted to 16 people to enable everyone attending to contribute to the discussion. You are invited to submit questions and papers in advance to:

The framework of UK digital inequality – Klaudia Chmielowska, Industry Forum Research Associate
Prof Jillian Farquhar, Southampton Solent University
Jay Morton, Associate Architect at Bell Phillips Architects
Prioritising actions – Rod Dowler, Industry Forum

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