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The Industry Forum Ltd, 20 St Andrew Street, EC4A 3AG, London

Consequences of a hard Brexit

Panel discussion,
Event location:
Central London
Federal Trust / Industry Forum

This event will be the launch of a new report by Dr. Andrew Black of the Global Policy Institute looking at the possible consequences of a hard Brexit, following the failure of Article 50 negotiations between Great Britain and the European Union. Through his detailed analysis, Dr. Black has attempted to fill the gap in economic forecasting which Brexit Secretary David Davis has admitted exists within his ministry. The findings of Dr. Black’s report cast particular doubt upon the view expressed by governmental representatives during the current election campaign that “no deal” with the European Union is better than a “bad deal.” Specifically, Dr Black concludes that a number of sectors of the economy, such as cars, agriculture, and financial services are likely to be hard hit. We expect a lively  and informed discussion.

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