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Digital technology concept. Binary code.

Restoring trust in digital tech

04 June 2019 - Early evening meeting - Login for venue

Panel discussion,

The explosive growth in use of the Internet and the World Wide Web began in the 1990s and saw the rapid establishment of what are now tech titans such Google, Facebook and Amazon as well as the further dramatic expansion of existing tech companies such as Apple and Microsoft. Regulators and legislat... Read More


Labour’s plans for investment in science & technology

18 June 2019 - Breakfast meeting - Login for venue

Peter Dowd MP, Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury

Over a long term, companies and industries based on science and technology have contributed strongly to economic growth and the quality of life. For such reasons there is a growing consensus that significantly increasing the current relatively low level of UK investment in science and technology is ... Read More


Key issues for the Home Affairs Select Committee

01 July 2019 - Lunch meeting - Login for venue

The Rt Hon Yvette Cooper MP, Chair, Home Affairs Select Committee

The continuing uncertainty over Brexit poses serious problems for the staffing plans of  businesses operating in the UK. The reduction in the supply of EU workers and the likely future conditions on all foreign workers cause particular difficulties  for some sectors such as agriculture, healthcare... Read More

Skills building blocks 2

Radical approaches to improving UK skills

04 July 2019 - Lunch meeting - Login for venue

Panel discussion,

After a decade of poor economic performance, with fast growing international competitors, and massive disruption by new technologies, the UK urgently needs to upgrade its skills base. Possible changes could involve the greater use of computer-based learning and skills acquisition, increased educatio... Read More

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The key role of 5G in UK’s industrial strategy

Solid steps to improve UK productivity

Managing major cross-departmental projects

Providing more homes for rental

Achieving consensus on infrastructure investment

The early detection of disease

Can homes be affordable and beautiful

Priorities for action on the climate emergency

Improving public procurement

Changing defence & security considerations

The road to zero emissions

Building 300k homes per year

The perfect storm facing the automotive industry

Future positive visions for Europe: the political, social, economic, and security questions

Europe’s future: squabbling obscurity or a new world role?

The UK’s relationship with future EU defence investment programmes