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Post-Brexit benefits for UK international trade

09 March 2022 - Lunch meeting - Login for venue

Andrew Mitchell, Director General, Exports and UK Trade, Department for International Trade

One argument for Brexit was to enable the UK to pivot from focusing on the EU market, which is shrinking as a proportion of total world trade, to international markets that are growing. To help businesses and the economy to take advantage of new opportunities, the Government has concluded new trade ... Read More

Events in planning

Industrial strategy: how the plans for infrastructure and skills announced by the Conservative party will take shape and increase industrial activity and business opportunities.

Trade policy: We will aim to look at prospects for UK trade with the major economies.

Bringing ESG (environmental, social and governance) priorities to the top of the business agenda.

The procurement transformation: new technologies and new approaches that can bring big savings in procurement costs and logistics.

The key economic role of 5G, and the security issues involved.

The economics of health and social care in an age of rapidly changing technology and demographics.

The key role of science and technology in turning the UK into a leading 21st century economy.

Foreign and defence policy issues that may impact on business prospects.

Housing and pension issues in the UK economy.