Prof. Marina Jirotka

Professor of Human Centred Computing, University of Oxford

Marina Jirotka is Professor of Human Centred Computing at the University of Oxford and leads an interdisciplinary research group investigating the responsible development of technologies that are more responsive to societal acceptability and desirability. Her work is at the forefront of recent work in Responsible Innovation (RI) in the UK and the EU. She has recently been awarded an EPSRC Established Career Fellowship – a five-year investigation into Developing Responsible Robotics for the Digital Economy. Her current projects involve a range of topics in RI: she leads the Responsible Innovation initiative for Quantum Technologies; she is PI on EPSRC Digital Economy TIPS project Rebuilding and Enhancing Trust in Algorithms (ReEnTrust); and co-director of an Observatory for Responsible Research and Innovation in ICT (ORBIT) that provides RI services to ICT researchers and practitioners. From her work on analysing the spread of hate speech and misinformation on social media, she was appointed specialist advisor to the House of Lords Select Committee on Communications for their inquiry into Children and the Internet.