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Keith Saxton

Chairman, techUK Financial Services Council

Keith is Chairman of the Financial Services and Payments Programme for techUK, the UK trade association for the technology industry. He is an experienced executive leader who has a deep understanding of the Financial Services industry, and the role that technology plays in developing and executing business strategy. He is an expert in how business risk can be changed and managed by technology, and understands the risk of technology - a combination providing a unique perspective and executive capability.

Currently working as an Independent Advisor Keith is engaged with a number of organisations, from new entrants to large established players, helping with business strategy, technology imperatives, FinTech initiatives, and risk management.

Until recently Keith was leading IBM Research's Financial Services strategy. He also worked with regulators, central banks and supervisors, along with the major firms, on the implications of monitoring systemic risk and addressing the demands and implications of ongoing regulatory reform. During his career at IBM Keith carried out various industry focused leadership positions for a number of business units at a country, regional and global level. Prior to joining IBM he worked in the industry for over 20 years and held a number of executive positions as head of fixed income in the front office of a number of global banks.

Keith was an Expert Panel Member for the recent UK Government Office for Science FinTech Futures review, is a member of the Advisory Council at Innovate Finance, and Mentor at the Barclays Techstars FinTech Accelerator.