Hans Bossenbroek

CEO, Luminis

Hans Bossenbroek (1962) is the CEO and co-founder of Luminis: a software technology company from The Netherlands. Luminis was founded in 2002 as a network-organisation that empowers the individual and a strategy that subscribes to the idea that Open Innovation and Internet technology are key success factors of business-innovation. Over the years Luminis revenue has grown to over 20 M€ and is now pursuing an international strategy using its widely acclaimed dataplatform the InformationGrid (https://www.informationgrid.com/).

Hans is a well-known advocate of Open Innovation and the way it impacts both the technology landscape as well as the way organisations cooperate. To foster this type of change, Hans played an instrumental role in the formation of the Amdatu Foundation (https://amdatu.org/); an Open Source innovation project. Another example of Open Innovation is the Summar.io (https://www.summar.io), a data-driven, personalised learning solution that helps schools to change the way children learn by enabling new ways of learning material developed as well as the way classrooms are organised.

Hans has a rich technology background and is widely acknowledged as a thought leader in the area of IT strategy and innovation. With the universal adoption of Cloud Computing and acknowledgement that data is a strategic asset, Hans is frequently asked to contextualize this changing reality and the way organisations look at strategy, governance and ethics.