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Dr Paul Williams MP

Member of the Health and Social Care Select Committee

Before he went into politics Paul was a GP, working in a practice in Stockton-on-Tees and also sitting as CEO of Hartlepool and Stockton Health, a Federation of 37 separate general practices working together to provide community-based health care.

Paul decided to run for Parliament because he became deeply concerned about the challenges facing our NHS and the inequalities we see in society. Rather than sitting on the side-lines, he decided to bring his experiences as a GP working in frontline healthcare to Parliament in order to make a difference.

After winning election to Parliament Paul was selected by his fellow MPs to sit upon the Health Select committee where he uses his experience as a GP and his position on this committee, to uphold the values of our NHS and hold the Government and Secretary of Health to account.

Paul enjoys taking part in swimming, cycling, running and triathlon events and lives in Stockton with his partner Vicky and daughters Emmeline and Mira.