Dr Diana Casey

Diana Casey, Director, Energy and Climate Change, Mineral Products Association

Diana joined MPA in 2010 as Technical Advisor, Energy and Climate Change, and now holds the position of Director, Energy and Climate Change. Diana’s responsibilities include data analysis from UK cement plants, modelling the impact of EU and UK climate change and environmental policy on the UK cement industry including the UK Emissions Trading Scheme and Renewable Energy policies and managing industry projects such as the MPA decarbonisation roadmap modelling and production and updating of the MPA factsheet on embodied CO2e of UK cement, additions and cementitious material. Diana is vice-chair of the Emissions Trading Group, a group that supports, represents and informs UK businesses and installations covered by emissions trading, and represents MPA on various Government led initiatives such as the work that is ongoing on business models to support the deployment of carbon capture use or storage. Diana is also responsible for administering Climate Change Agreements for various mineral product sectors.