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Opportunities and issues for post Brexit international trade

21 January 2021 - Late morning - Login for venue

Rt Hon Emily Thornberry MP, Shadow Secretary of State for International Trade

In the context of a worsening economic situation, a lack of clarity about the new arrangements for EU trade, and many new trade deals still work-in-progress, some businesses in the UK have concerns about their future international trade prospects. Besides the obvious issues of increased border frict... Read More


The key role of housing in recovery from the pandemic

03 December 2020 - Morning discussion - Login for venue

Panel discussion,

The Covid 19 pandemic has had a disastrous impact on some business sectors such as leisure, travel, and commercial property. Residential building and construction has, however, largely kept going, house prices have not so far collapsed, and working from home has increased awareness of the need for a... Read More


Getting higher education right for the 21st Century

19 November 2020 - Morning meeting - Login for venue

Kate Green MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Education

As pandemic restrictions continue they are increasing the number of issues affecting all aspects of higher education, vocational, and skills training. Students are facing stress over exam grading assessments, remote working, and problems in transitioning to work in the difficult labour market. Equal... Read More

EU US data flow image

Post Brexit threats to EU-UK data flows

12 November 2020 - Morning meeting - Login for venue

Panel discussion,

Much discussion of Brexit has focused on increased friction for physical goods. The UK, however, does much, profitable services trade with the EU, underpinned by data flows. This is particularly significant for the UK financial services and technology sectors. While the UK was a member of the EU, EU... Read More

Digital technology concept. Binary code.

Shaping our digital future

30 September 2020 - Timings to be confirmed - Login for venue

Panel discussion, online

The pandemic has led to an amazing transformation in our use and appreciation of the benefits of digital technologies. New possibilities abound in, for example, education, work, manufacturing, logistics, and healthcare, and these could recharge our damaged economy and provide fresh opportunities for... Read More

Social justice and equality law in society as diverse people holding the balance in a legal scale as a population legislation with 3D illustration elements.

How should business contribute to equality and diversity?

16 September 2020 - Morning - Login for venue

Panel discussion,

For over half a century, it has been widely (and conveniently) assumed that deep-rooted social problems of inequality and lack of diversity could be largely decoupled from economic and business policies and actions. 21st century crises, notably the 2008 banking crash, and the on-going corona virus p... Read More