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The road to zero emissions

The dice are loaded in the game to survive global heating. We need a radical plan to win, write Klaudia Chmielowska and Rod Dowler. Open article

June Newsletter

Take a look at our June newsletter – full of upcoming events and details of our latest meeting to discuss trust in technology Open Newsletter

The deep roots of the trust crisis

Sigmund Freud, the public affairs industry and the internet may all have played a part in declining levels of public trust, write Isabelle Stanley and Rod Dowler. Measures to restore trust could include independent media fact-checking and research and greater transparency in political donations. Open article

Brexit & UK higher education: turning a challenge into an opportunity

Klaudia Chmielowska has produced this opinion piece summarising the output from a student project at the Industry Forum, a London think tank focused on dialogue between public policy makers and business. She is a second-year undergraduate student reading Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at the University of Oxford, a British Alumni Society scholar, and an HSBC

Technology, work and the future

After Brexit and the weather, the hottest topic this year may be the future of work and the impact of technology, particularly robots. Industry Forum chair, Rod Dowler, has recently written this short opinion piece entitled ‘Technology, work and the future’. An extract appeared in the 6 July Skills supplement of the New Statesman. You

A tentative, ‘me-too’ approach to industrial strategy will lead us nowhere

An ambitious and entrepreneurial government could transform the UK economy by playing to its strengths, writes Rod Dowler. Read the full article here