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Realising the potential of renewable energy

The dominance of hydrocarbons as an energy source is coming to an end. There are increasingly good ways to capture renewable energy from unlimited natural sources such as solar radiation, wind, and geothermal rocks. But realising the full potential of this development requires an immense change to the UK and world energy infrastructure. Dr Alan

Key issues for the Public Accounts Committee

The Public Accounts Committee is outspoken and hyperactive. It has a long list of current inquiries including the interface between health and social care, Universal Credit, the Brexit financial settlement, the performance of HMRC, the collapse of Carillion and many more. Come and hear Meg Hillier MP, Chair of the committee outline and discuss the

Post Brexit trade prospects for Scotland

At the 2014 Scottish independence referendum, Scotland voted to remain in the UK against the policy of the ruling SNP party. At the 2016 EU referendum, in which the UK as a whole voted to leave the EU, Scotland voted to remain. Although the UK is Scotland’s largest trade partner, Scotland has important trade and

Building an Innovation State

The prosperity of the modern world has been built on innovation and trade. Whatever happens about Brexit, it is certain that the UK will need to compete and innovate as never before. None of the leading world economic powers leaves their industrial success to plain vanilla financial and economic policies. The UK Department of Business,

Owning our future relationship with Europe

Whatever the outcome of the Brexit negotiations with the EU, and within the Westminster political parties, the mainland countries of Europe will forever remain the closest neighbours of the UK. It is thus in the overwhelming interest of all concerned that our future mutual relationships should be as cooperative and fruitful as possible. Our expert

A transforming strategy for SMEs

Small and medium sized enterprises have a low profile but a vital role in the UK economy providing employment, training, innovation and flexibility in times of change. Their health and vitality will be essential during the challenging Brexit transition and this means that they will need all the help a government can provide in terms