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Getting higher education right for the 21st Century

As pandemic restrictions continue they are increasing the number of issues affecting all aspects of higher education, vocational, and skills training. Students are facing stress over exam grading assessments, remote working, and problems in transitioning to work in the difficult labour market. Equally employers, under stress themselves, need to recruit from a pool of young

Post Brexit threats to EU-UK data flows

Much discussion of Brexit has focused on increased friction for physical goods. The UK, however, does much, profitable services trade with the EU, underpinned by data flows. This is particularly significant for the UK financial services and technology sectors. While the UK was a member of the EU, EU-UK data flows were uninhibited, and the

Shaping our digital future

The pandemic has led to an amazing transformation in our use and appreciation of the benefits of digital technologies. New possibilities abound in, for example, education, work, manufacturing, logistics, and healthcare, and these could recharge our damaged economy and provide fresh opportunities for people whose jobs have disappeared. The Labour party is keen to develop

How should business contribute to equality and diversity?

For over half a century, it has been widely (and conveniently) assumed that deep-rooted social problems of inequality and lack of diversity could be largely decoupled from economic and business policies and actions. 21st century crises, notably the 2008 banking crash, and the on-going corona virus pandemic, have however pushed these issues to centre-stage. To

Lessons on managing procurement and supply chains in an emergency

We will never know the full cost in lives and money of the procurement problems that arose in the UK during the initial wave of the Covid 19 pandemic. It is clear, however, that multiple shortcomings in PPE and intensive care equipment procurement and supply chain management occurred. As Covid 19 has not disappeared, it

The urgent challenge of UK Digital Inequality

After a decade in which the dark side of big tech came sharply into focus, the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically demonstrated positive and empowering aspects of digital technology. It is not an exaggeration to say that education, the world of work, and healthcare are being transformed. It has also shown that some people and