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How can we create a UK manufacturing renaissance?

Supply problems during the pandemic have exposed the risks of depending on just-in-time supply from foreign manufacturers. Furthermore, heightened security concerns are making western governments opposed to the use of some Chinese technology products in vital infrastructure. There is thus a need and an opportunity to expand UK manufacturing to address these newly apparent risks

Key issues for pensions and benefits during the recovery from the pandemic

The Covid 19 crisis has dominated thinking and planning for the past year but now, as the dangers are apparently receding, old issues about pensions and benefits are re-emerging and some now ones have appeared. The Department for Work and Pensions needs to prepare for the changes in the world of work that have been

Restoring trust in audit and corporate governance – Will it work?

Post-Brexit, the UK relies more than ever on its reputation for good corporate governance and sound financial auditing, but, over the last decade, a string of corporate failures and auditing scandals has undermined that reputation. The government has recently published a consultation paper on ‘Restoring trust in audit and corporate governance.’ This responds to three

Issues and priorities for UK defence

The UK faces a fast-changing defence landscape at time when new threats and new technologies require that we focus closely on key priorities, work closely with allies, and provide the appropriate resources for our armed services. The recently published government ‘Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy’ is a widely scoped prospectus which

Infrastructure projects could lead the economic recovery from the pandemic

Most business people see that the pandemic has caused serious damage to some important sectors like hospitality and aviation. Furthermore, it is clear that we need to expand other sectors such as renewable energy, construction and digital infrastructure to address climate change and preserve employment and prosperity levels. They are less clear about government strategy

Paying for the pandemic

Is rapidly paying back pandemic borrowings an economic priority or a political red herring? This was an underlying question when Bridget Phillipson MP, Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, and leading economists Andrew Smith and Josh Ryan-Collins discussed ‘Paying for the the Pandemic’ at a recent Industry Forum virtual round table. Government decisions on borrowings, taxes