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Completing the Single Market

This was a panel discussion held with the Federal Trust.  The speakers were: Dr Stephan Hesselmann, Senior Expert on Economic Issues, CDU/CSU Parliamentary Group Catherine Stewart, Senior Advisor, Interel Rod Dowler, Chairman, Industry Forum

The Ins and the Outs of the Eurozone

This was a panel discussion held with the Federal Trust which examined how future relationships in the EU between the Eurozone and non-members of the Eurozone will be managed, in particular in the light of David Cameron’s current renegotiation agenda and the pending British referendum on EU membership. Speakers: John Cooke, The CityUK Graham Bishop, Consultant

Ensuring that the UK can lead in a digital world

Technological change is occurring at an exceptional rate  within a world-wide digital architecture. This represents a big opportunity for the UK but failure to grasp the opportunity might see our economy relegated to ‘branch status’ in the world economy. The House of Lords Select Committee on Digital Skills published a detailed report in February 2015

Briefing on economic prospects for the UK

The general election result will resolve the policy framework of the next administration, but the course of UK economy will be largely determined by external factors including the slowing Chinese economy, the resurgent US economy, developments in the Eurozone, and the associated macroeconomic policies of the main players. Andrew Smith, formerly Chief Economist at KPMG,

Addressing concerns about standards in public life

Numerous polls show that public trust in politicians and business is low. Key issues undermining trust in individuals has been a succession of exposures of poor behaviour concerning expenses and trading influence for cash. The public also have a strong views that business lobbying is pervasive and not in the public interest. Such distrust is