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Lessons on managing procurement and supply chains in an emergency

08 September 2020 - Morning - Login for venue

Panel discussion,

For many companies, the corona virus pandemic has revealed unexpected fluctuations in demand and serious weaknesses in their supply chains. They now need to consider questions including: What weaknesses need to be fixed in their procurement and supply chain management? How is demand for their goods and services likely to change? How can they build greater resilience into their supply chains? This online roundtable will focus on medical supply examples and bring together an expert panel to lead the discussion of what can be learnt from the pandemic and what could be done to solve such problems in the future. The speakers will be:

  • Bill Esterson MP for Sefton Central who has seen in his constituency the difficulties that the pandemic has caused for care providers and PPE suppliers alike.
  • Rahul Garg, founder of the Indian procurement platform, Moglix, that has launched in the UK just prior to the pandemic.
  • Stuart Brocklehurst, Chief Executive of Applegate, an online procurement service for commercial buyers
  • Dr Chris Francis from SAP who manage the ARIBA platform

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